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For the next three months, is running a special camera registration promotion. Since its inception, we have counted on word of mouth that has yielded some results, for which we are appreciative. But now that the kinks have been worked out, time to grow to meet our mission of helping to ensure a future for all the cameras out there.

In addition to contacting Museums worldwide, we are inviting all owners and sellers to join in our efforts to provide a single, independent source of documentation of the survivors existent today.

WE believe this is an important step in not only protecting the legacy of the Mitchell Camera Company's long and storied history but also insuring the future of these masterpieces of Hollywood engineering by recognizing the value of these cameras.

For the Museums, the advantage is obvious that people will be able to know where they can see specific cameras. For Private owners, better documentation of their camera for insurance purposes and certain knowledge of the original purchaser of your camera as listed from Mitchell records on the certificate.

The certificate is transferable at no charge for the first transfer. We are open to register all Mitchells retaining their original badges or marking on the interior main movement plate as well as Newall cameras from anyone or company anywhere on the planet. (Note, our Newall and 16mm records are spotty at this time and any information would be appreciated.)

The researched and verified Certificates will be provided to the registrants in whatever name wished as will the registrations on the registration page. No private information will appear on the registration page or be made available. The only requirement for registration is a good overall picture of the camera and another picture of the Serial number badge or from the interior of the camera as well as the modest fee that helps support and guarantees the running of the website.

Please visit the Serial Numbers page, the Mitchell Registry page and the Camera Registration page from the tabs located to the upper right to see how our efforts are progressing and to hopefully participate.

I urge all owners of these cameras to join us in preserving and celebrating them by participating in this needed project.

If you know of anyone who owns or displays a Mitchell camera, please ask them to at least visit our site and consider registration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: Thank you all for your consideration.

Ed Johnson, Director.

"The Camera That Filmed Hollywood"

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