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Member authored articles are important for documenting the history of the Mitchell Camera. Please consider submitting a draft to be published at this website. In the past detailed and obscure information was strictly held by the men who operated and built these machines. Mitchell Camera information was known only to Directors of Photography, Studio Camera Operators and the staff at the Mitchell Factory. It is our hope that as industry professionals view this website, they will share information to be included here. If you see an inaccuracy on any of our pages, please send us an email or post a message at our Discussion Forum. Our goal is to accurately document information and we will correct errors immediately. If you have an idea for an article, please send an email to:

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Camera #153 - a 1928 Survivor

By: Ed Johnson
This tough 1928 VitaPhone industry workhorse is back close to the way it was for many years.
Historic Sunrise Camera Survivor, Mitchell #50

By: Ed Johnson
This Mitchell was missing equipment but Cinema Engineering thoroughly reconditioned it into working order.
90 Year Old Mitchell

By: Ed Johnson
90 Year Old Working Mitchell as Prop Camera on New Laurel and Hardy Film
Against All Odds

By: Ed Johnson
A Camera Survival and Restoration story 70mm GRANDEUR Camera
Blimped Cameras That Made The Movies

By: Ed Johnson
Short video tours documenting significant studio sound cameras from the 1930's to 1960's.
The Mitchell FC FOX Grandeur Camera

By Richard Bennett and Erin Bennett
Bringing the Mitchell FC #8 back to good working condition and historical background.
1938 Mitchell BNC Publicity Photo Differences as noted from previous models

By Theodore Wilhelm
A close look at the minute differences in the 1938 model year.
Easy To Read 1917 Shutter Dissolve Patent by John Leonard

By Theodore Wilhelm
This 1917 patent is more fun to read without complex language that this version strips out.
Mitchell v. Fox - Customized 70mm Grandeur Camera Civil Suit

By Theodore Wilhelm
Interesting legal brief which touches on historical events and technical camera details.

"The Camera That Filmed Hollywood"

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