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This website is dedicated to "The Camera That Filmed Hollywood." Here, we celebrate the legendary Mitchell Cameras that shot over 80% of all the movies ever produced in Hollywood and most of the world. This site is intended to be a portal for information about the Mitchell Motion Picture Cameras which were the standard at all Hollywood studios and considered the "Rolls Royce of Cameras." We also honor the men who operated these ubiquitous machines; Hollywood's Directors of Photography and their dedicated Camera Operators.

For collectors or just persons interested in Mitchell Cameras, this site has a wealth of information accessed through the tabs to the right above. In particular, our exclusive Camera serial number timeline graphs and international record camera registrations featuring authorized pictures of a selection of cameras as well as directions to register your Mitchell Camera(s).

Our long-term goal is to provide a registry of all existing Mitchell Cameras for future accountability and preservation. There are also a growing number of special articles written about cameras and other areas of interest.

The Mitchell Camera Corp. produced three major models of cameras: The Mitchell Standard beginning in 1920, The "NC" or News Reel camera introduced in 1931, and the "BNC" or Blimped News Reel camera which started production in 1934. Variations of the Standard where made in large numbers such as Government Camera or "GC" which saw plenty of use within the armed forces and as research tools.

The Mitchell Camera company was also a design-build operation that not only made many accessories for motion picture cameras such as tripods, pan/tilt and geared heads and side finders used with many other brands of cameras, they also custom built speciality cameras and related products. The Fox-Case 70mm camera from the 1920's and 65mm BFC and Todd-AO cameras from the 1950's are but three examples. Mitchell produced excellent Background Projectors as well as the finest 16mm camera ever made - the 16Pro!

So, if you are simply curious, a collector, afictionado, or a researcher, you're welcomed to peruse or participate and enjoy this fascinating subject here at Mitchell Camera.

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We are not affiliated with the Mitchell Camera Corporation which although no longer manufactures cameras or sells products, is still held in name by Joe Dunton of Panavision UK. Therefore, we clearly state that the website known as Mitchell Camera does not intend to impersonate or imply any connection with the Mitchell Camera Corporation. Images of their past products featured on this website are considered to be in the public domain and are utilized on this site for "fair use" to share hobbyist information.


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