Mitchells at work across the pond.

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Mitchells at work across the pond.

Post by Cinemachinery » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:39 pm

I found this production photo while looking through A.C. magazines. I started this new thread because this isn't a "Hollywood" production. There are so many great production photos in the Photos on set with a Mitchell in Action! thread, I thought this non Hollywood production photo should have it's own thread.

The film is the UK production of "No Place For Jennifer", the production photo from it is dated 1949. This picture must have been taken during a take, as everyone is focused on what their job is. But, what amazes me about this production pic is, everyone is nattily attired in suits or sport coats and overcoats. This includes the electricians and grips! Amazing. I also like the coats that are hung on the boom operator's 'Preambulator'. Convenient, I'm sure.

Also, that's quite a rig they use for the camera's dolly shot.

Could that be actress Beatrice Campbell on the lower left side of the pic, in the white hat and fur?

I added a link to a Mole Richardson catalog from the late 1940s that shows the Microphone Boom M-R Type 103 B and Microphone Boom Perambulator M-R Type 126 B that appears to be the Preambulator / Boom in the production photo.

There is a color pic of the Microphone Boom M-R Type 103 B and Microphone Boom Perambulator M-R Type 126 B below.

Also in this M-R catalog, that would be of interest to Mitchell Camera fans, is a Preambulator M-R Type 126 and Tilt Head for Camera Blimp M-R Type 118. That's one way to move those heavy blimped cameras around.

The catalog also lists M-R's lighting fixtures. You'll have to scroll through the pdf to find the 2 Preambulators.

I then added a link to an article about sound booms from a November 1953 issue of "International Sound Technician" for those that may be interested in the sound end of films. An acquaintance of mine wrote the story with the 1953 article attached. ... 3booms.pdf

Still, the heart of the picture is the Mitchell NC! Enlarge the picture for a better look.
81-9  Mitchell NC 1949 - 01.jpg

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Re: Mitchells at work across the pond.

Post by lilybettina » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:18 am

Very interesting. The Mole MR 103B belongs to myself and was used originally from 1959 by a UK television company called Anglia TV. The scene depicted is from a recent BBC tv drama recreating 1950s tv.

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