Mitchell 16Pro detailed video in "Member's Articles"

Feel free to discuss any topic related to the Mitchell Camera. Both 35 mm and 16 mm models are welcomed here. Also consider posting topics of other major motion picture cameras that you feel are important to the development of the Mitchell Camera. Feel free to upload a photo from the option on each new post.
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Mitchell 16Pro detailed video in "Member's Articles"

Post by mediaed » Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:38 am

There is a very good photo tour of the Mitchell 16Pro camera in the "Photo tours" section of this site.

For different detailed look at the Mitchell 16Pro camera and its sound blimp, the Arriiflex 16S competitor as well as other cameras, go to the "Member's Articles" tab and visit "Blimped cameras that made the movies." ED.

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Re: Mitchell 16Pro detailed video in "Member's Articles"

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Hello Ed. As the administrator of this site I want to thank you for your excellent article that you recently authored. I want to encourage all viewers to take a look, as Ed's work is well worth the time and read. Also, many of our viewers choose not to post and/or reply to threads which is fine. But any lack of input does not mean that articles and forum posting are not being enjoyed by our internet viewers as there are no membership requirements to enjoy our content. Again, outstanding work Ed.

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