Mitchell 16

You are welcomed to post your Mitchell Cameras for sale in this forum. There is no charge for this service. Please let us know when your item has sold so we can keep our database current. We also feature eBay items here to serve as a historical price record and photo documentation resource. Also, You can upload pictures yourself at the bottom of each posting
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Mitchell 16

Post by bjh2145 » Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:36 am

Hello all,

I have acquired a Mitchell 16 in pretty good shape, with the Mitchell cases, a blimp, multiple magazines and Bausch and Lomb lenses. I am open to selling as a whole or piecing out. I have included a link below to a short video walkthrough of the camera. I am happy to send pictures/serial numbers or other particulars if you email me at benjaradhancock [at] It is in climate controlled storage at the moment, so I am not able to post everything here. Look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Mitchell 16

Post by mediaed » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:31 am


Nice, looks like it has never been out of the cases. Great find.


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