Mitchell Announces New Rolling Tripod (1931)

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Mitchell Announces New Rolling Tripod (1931)

Post by mrcinephd » Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:08 am

Hello forum. Here is the very first announcement from when Mitchell introduced their rolling tripod:

An addition to the rapidly-swelling Mitchell line is a new rolling tripod for studio use. Unlike most devices of this nature, it is scarcely heavier than a standard cinema tripod, yet it is capable of supporting even the heaviest silencing "bungalows" now used. The height of the camera is controlled by a single crank, which by means of a triple-extension, telescopic support allows an unusual range: the lens of the camera may be dropped to within a yard from the floor, or raised to a height of nearly eight feet, with perfect stability at all positions. The head mechanism is the standard Mitchell friction head, with its telescopic arm, enlarged and strengthened to operate perfectly with even the heaviest of "bungalows," some of which weigh several hundred pounds. Due to its small size, and unusually great extension, this device should find favor in studio use, as it is sufficient for most uses, and therefore makes it possible for a single unit to replace three or four less flexible ones of varying sizes. In addition, as the device is equipped with standard Mitchell tripod legs, it may be used away from the studio, on location, very satisfactorily.

Anyways, keep on filmin'


Re: Mitchell Announces New Rolling Tripod (1931)

Post by 35mmKing » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:04 pm

Excellent find you made there. I have some shots of other tripod advertisements from the 20's and I have included them here. You are correct, everyone should keep on filmin'

Mitchell Tripod 1923


Re: Mitchell Announces New Rolling Tripod (1931)

Post by gadesro » Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:09 am

Greetings all. I really do love that rolling tripod. I have been looking for one to be used for display. But ultimately, my favorite Mitchell display rig would be atop that "Stomp Up" tripod in another thread. One of those would be very hard to find. I've always seen these in Mitchell ads and in their parts catalogs but I hadn't realized that they came out so early in their product history.

From the Mitchell Parts Catalog

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