Mitchell BNC Camera Construction -Personal Observations

Feel free to discuss any topic related to the Mitchell Camera. Both 35 mm and 16 mm models are welcomed here. Also consider posting topics of other major motion picture cameras that you feel are important to the development of the Mitchell Camera. Feel free to upload a photo from the option on each new post.
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Re: Mitchell BNC Camera Construction -Personal Observations

Post by brucermorgan » Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:44 pm

For Mark and Max
Here is my reply
1-the last note shows a silver plunger NOT Factory added .
This may well be the notch device which did the film marking job in the film chamber after the film gate .

2-I never worked at any studio,All work I did was on independent films.
My close contacts were at MGM and Universal pictures .I learned much from these men.
Notes on "Cobra" are detailed but may not have camera reports ,,I will check .
I will answer more later

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Re: Mitchell BNC Camera Construction -Personal Observations

Post by vicdanny » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:24 am

Hi brucermorgan. I read with great interest regarding your Paramount BNC.

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Re: Mitchell BNC Camera Construction -Personal Observations

Post by marop » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:42 pm

Thank you very much Bruce. This is great information! I am curious what the L base was used for in Japan. I remembered Martin Hill (East coast dealer/collector) telling me he would take the entire main camera boxes (not the L base) out of a BNC and sell them to Japanese buyers.

As to cost savings, I own a BNCR that was originally owned by Paramount. The camera was last used to film the TV series Cheers (until the studio started renting Panavision). I was told that the operator would push a punch (on the camera) that would literally punch a hole (or dimple?) In the film to indicate it was a good take. The camera department would, in a dark-room, feel for that mark and develop only that good take! Crazy if you happen to miss that Mark.

Very interested to here more Bruce,


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