Mitchell NC dimensions/measurements for 3D print

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Mitchell NC dimensions/measurements for 3D print

Post by richards » Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:09 pm

Hello one and all!

I'm reaching out to you all for some help if possible.

I'm a historical reenactor and portray War Correspondent and news journalist from WW2. We have a decent collection of cameras that where used at the time such as eyemos etc but I'd love to add a Mitchell NC to the collection.
Unfortunately I do not have the funds to buy an actual one, so I was going to look into having a full size replica 3D printed.

I have scoured the internet and can not find any measurements or blueprints for them anywhere. So I was wondering if any of you might be willing to supply these for me? and maybe a few detailed pictures of the dials etc that are on the camera.

If any of you can help with this I would most grateful to you!

many thanks,

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Re: Mitchell NC dimensions/measurements for 3D print

Post by marop » Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:26 pm


This website will come down at any time due to the founder passing away, so just be aware. The only NC that I have is house in the blimp (a BNC). Measurements are not really possible. Does it have to be a NC vs. a Standard? Although they look the same, there are some size differences. If Ed pops in here I think he has most of one and can probably help with some measurements. A member of this forum actually created a complete 3D file of a Standard. I am in the process of attempting to creat a 1/4 scale miniature from that file.

You can also try the Facebook group; vintage cine cameras. Ed is on there as well and perhaps some owners of an NC. This group includes amateur cameras.


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Re: Mitchell NC dimensions/measurements for 3D print

Post by mediaed » Sun Aug 14, 2022 6:49 pm

Hello Richard,

Ed Johnson here..
I do have an NC in my collection.
Is your usage a short or long term project?

If short term, I could consider a rental.
If long term that would require a prop, I have a spare NC L base with turret and a magazine that could immensely simplify a prop build.
I have built a few prop Mitchell’s as well that have been purchased. One has been used by a props house in NYC on several projects.
Let me know if interested or how I can assist.

My contact is

Ed Johnson, mitchellcamera Director

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