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Re: Mitchell BNCR 103

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:58 pm
by GlennPrzyborski
In addition to Mitchell’s large format camera, there were10 Photo-Sonics 70mm-10A high speed cameras. They pulled down 10 perforations for each frame of film, yielding a square image. (see photo below) This 135lb, pin-registered camera could shoot at up to 80 fps. The massive motor operated on 208V 3-phase AC and a gearbox setting controlled the frame rate. Many of the lenses were made by RTH (Rank-Taylor-Hobson) which later became Cooke Optics from England.

Interesting Note: Philip Kiel, president of Photo-Sonics Inc. told me that in 1986, the iconic hi-res, color telephoto shots of the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding were shot on a Photo-Sonics 10-A that was built in 1959.
Joseph Przyborski sets up a 70mm Photo Sonics 10A at Cape Kennedy
10 perf pull-down 70mm image
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