Mitchell BNCR 103

Feel free to discuss any topic related to the Mitchell Camera. Both 35 mm and 16 mm models are welcomed here. Also consider posting topics of other major motion picture cameras that you feel are important to the development of the Mitchell Camera. Feel free to upload a photo from the option on each new post.
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Re: Mitchell BNCR 103

Post by GlennPrzyborski » Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:58 pm

In addition to Mitchell’s large format camera, there were10 Photo-Sonics 70mm-10A high speed cameras. They pulled down 10 perforations for each frame of film, yielding a square image. (see photo below) This 135lb, pin-registered camera could shoot at up to 80 fps. The massive motor operated on 208V 3-phase AC and a gearbox setting controlled the frame rate. Many of the lenses were made by RTH (Rank-Taylor-Hobson) which later became Cooke Optics from England.

Interesting Note: Philip Kiel, president of Photo-Sonics Inc. told me that in 1986, the iconic hi-res, color telephoto shots of the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding were shot on a Photo-Sonics 10-A that was built in 1959.
Joseph Przyborski sets up a 70mm Photo Sonics 10A at Cape Kennedy
10 perf pull-down 70mm image
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