3D Printed Model of Mitchell Standard

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3D Printed Model of Mitchell Standard

Post by admin » Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:52 pm

One of our members has shared early attempts at a 3D printed model of a Mitchell Standard. Thank you Mark! He writes:

Here is the first try. I just used blue because that’s what I had in the printer. Some problems arose. Mainly the issue is overhangs like the rackover handle, viewfinder mount but also the turret and turret securing knob. I’m not sure what happened there. So I’m thinking to have these removed to print separately. Also I may have to get a smaller print head to get finer detail or perhaps have a service use a different style 3D printer and then I would made a mold and use resin to cast pieces. One option is for me to use ABS filament. If I do that I can expose it to a chemical which smooths out the surface. Or I could just use the printouts as a base model that I finish by hand and made a mold and cast release models. Also this is a bit small. Again it is quarter scale.

We will be devoting and entire article page to this historic first, the world's first accurate 3D printed Mitchell Standard Model.
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